Video Security Made Simple with U.S.-based Tech Support

You deserve an easy-to-use video security system with technical support provided by humans, not automation.

  • Protect your business with 24/7 video surveillance.
  • Easy-to-use and install.
  • Human tech support, not automation.
  • Fast, U.S.-based technical support during installation and after purchase.
  • Record locally or to the cloud.
  • Monitor your business from anywhere on your Apple device.

Helpful Streamie Features

Motion Detection

Streamie sends you a notification and automatically records video when the camera detects motion.

Download Videos Direct to Your Device or the Cloud

You have the option of saving your videos to the Cloud or you can download to your own storage device.

U.S.-based Tech Support

Streamie offers U.S.-based tech support if you need help during installation or after purchase.

Easy Set Up

You don’t need to be Tech guru to use the Streamie app. Connect your Apple device directly to your security cameras.

Real Time Business Monitoring

Keep an eye on your business from anywhere using your Apple device. Video surveillance provides a clear picture of what’s happening 24/7.

Live-stream 24/7: View anywhere to ensure your business is secure.

Record Live-Stream: Locally or in the cloud.

Monitor Your Property: Use video cameras to monitor parking lots, entrances, and the perimeter of your business.

Keep an Eye on the Inside: Protect against theft and monitor for leaks, spills, and more.


We are here to help. Contact us any time via email or the in-app integrated support feature located in the Help tab.

We’re here to help when you need it.
Call (404) 492-6437 for U.S.-based Tech support.

You can also email ( or use the in-app support feature found in the Help tab.

We also have helpful video tutorials on our YouTube channel to help you with setup questions and troubleshooting.

No. The latest version of the App runs on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Our Developers are working on future Android support.

Absolutely. One of the best Streamie features is the ability to store videos to your personal device or in the cloud.

Hear What Customers Have to Say!

Streamie Security Found Our Ghost

Little things were missing in our warehouse. They always went missing at night. At first we assumed someone was breaking in so we installed the major security company’s system.

The next day, more things were missing but the alarm hadn’t gone off. That’s when we discovered that the major security company’s system was completely gone.

We talked to our security system’s customer support service and learned that our system was online and secure, despite having been ripped off the wall and taken away.

That’s when we installed a Streamie Security video system and the very first night discovered that this trespasser was actually breaking out, having turned a small portion of the warehouse into his home.

Our trespasser is a thing of the past, and Streamie Security keeps our warehouse safe.
Project Director


I have the Lionel UP wifi camera caboose.  I think it is awesome.  However, I was disappointed that Lionel did not make their camera app for the Apple TV. I eventually found Streamie.  The app is free for one camera one device.  If you have an apple TV and lionel wifi camera car; this app is great and costs $0.

Reliability is Excellent!

I’ve been using Streamie to monitor 10 cameras around my business. The set-up was streamlined and offers options that I have not found in other software. Reliability is excellent. The motion detection and display grid allows me to drill into each camera… I have recommended Streamie to friends and even the least technical person has found the basic set-up simple to follow. Excellent support!
CEO of Company